Have you heard?

One in three Canadians aged 65 to 74, and half of those over 75, are living with some degree of hearing loss, making it the country’s third most common health problem, after arthritis and high blood pressure. But that doesn’t mean losing your hearing is an inevitable consequence of aging. Up to 50% of cases of hearing loss are preventable, and even once a loss is present, prompt treatment can often protect your quality of life, and may even help preserve your remaining hearing. So how can you protect this precious sense? Read my latest story for Good Times, Look After Your Hearing.

Seasonal allergy story

We may still be in winter’s icy grip here in Ontario, but (hopefully!) Spring is just around the corner. Do you start sneezing as soon as the weather warms  up? Or do your eyes and nose start running around the same time every summer? You could have seasonal allergies. For more info on how to handle symptoms, read my latest ‘Best Remedy’ column for Best Health magazine: Ugh, Allergies.

Site relaunch

Welcome to my new website. As you undoubtedly noticed if you tried to visit in the past few months, the old one has been out of commission for a while, and it’s taken me some time to get reorganized. I’m afraid I’m rebuilding from the ground up – guess who forgot to back up her files before we switched web hosting providers? There’s a mistake I won’t make again!

I’ve got some exciting new stories coming up over the next little while – my first assignments for Walmart Live Better and Best Health, as well as a feature on what’s new in cataract surgery, to name just three. I hope you’ll drop by for a look!